China hopes Ukraine as gate to Europe can lead to peace, China-Europe cooperation, Wang Yi says to Ukrainian FM in phone call
Published: Apr 05, 2022 12:30 AM
State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

The basic stance of China on the Ukraine issue is to facilitate dialogue to promote peace, China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in a phone call on Monday at the invitation of the latter. 

Kuleba provided an overview of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, saying that China is a great country that advocates and practices the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, and is a key positive force in maintaining peace. 

Ukraine attaches great importance to China's international influence and prestige, and is willing to maintain communication with China, Kuleba said, hoping that China will continue to play an important role in ceasefire.

Wang thanked the Ukrainian government and all sections of the Ukrainian public for their efforts in assisting the safe evacuation of Chinese citizens in Ukraine, stressing that Chinese leaders and the Chinese government attach great importance to the safety of every overseas citizen, and hope that the Ukrainian side would continue to take active and effective measures to ensure the safety of a few Chinese citizens who have voluntarily stayed in Ukraine. 

Kuleba said that the Ukrainian side will make its best efforts to this end.

Wang said it is China's historical and cultural tradition and consistent foreign policy to uphold peace and oppose war.

On the Ukraine conflict, China does not seek geopolitical self-interest, nor will it add fuel to the fire of conflict, but will only look forward to peace in good faith, Wang said, adding that China welcomes peace talks between Russia and Ukraine no matter how difficult it is, until ceasefire and peace are achieved through negotiation.

"Wars end eventually," Wang said. "The key is how to reflect on the pain, to maintain lasting security in Europe and establish a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism. China stands ready to play a constructive role in this regard in an objective position. We believe that Ukraine has enough wisdom to independently make a choice that meets the fundamental interests of its people."

Kuleba recognized China's stance and thanked the Chinese side for its humanitarian assistance to the country. He said Ukraine is still dedicated to engaging in peaceful negotiations with Russia and looking for a long-term solution and that Ukraine is willing to serve as the gate to Europe. 

Wang hoped that Ukraine as the gate to Europe could lead to peace, development of Ukraine and cooperation between China and Europe.

The two officials held a phone conversation on March 1 over the Ukraine crisis.  

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