Chinese commerce ministry urges US to remove tariffs, as bilateral trade supports 860,000 American job
Published: Apr 14, 2022 05:56 PM
Shu Jueting, spokesperson from China's Ministry of Commerce

Shu Jueting, spokesperson from China's Ministry of Commerce

A USCBC report on US exports to China reaching a new record , which helps support 860,000 American jobs, is yet another proof of the mutually beneficial nature of China-US economic and trade ties, China's Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday, urging the US government to do away with the tariffs and stop crackdowns on Chinese companies.

MOFCOM spokesperson Shu Jueting said that facts have showed that the nature of US-China economic and trade ties are mutually beneficial and that there exists great potential for the two sides to expand cooperation. 

Shu made the comments addressing the latest report by USCBC, which showed US exports to China made a new record in 2021, which helped support some 860,000 US jobs.

As the world's two largest economies, stable economic and trade ties between China and the US not only meets the fundamental interests of both countries and both peoples, but also benefit stable development of global industrial and supply chain and world economic recovery. 

Shu said China hopes the US remove the tariffs on Chinese imports as soon as possible and stop its crackdown on Chinese enterprises, creating normal atmosphere for expanding bilateral cooperation. 

According to the US Export Report 2022, US goods exports to China grew by 21 percent to reach an all-time high of $149.2 billion in 2021 underpinned by growth in grain, semiconductors and energy products, as global trade continued to recover from the pandemic.