Taikonaut-style strawberry tomatoes selling two tons a day
Published: Apr 20, 2022 04:44 PM
The strawberry tomato.Screenshot of The Paper

The strawberry tomato.Screenshot of The Paper

After the three taikonauts of Shenzhou-13 landed back from space on April 16, the strawberry tomatoes in the first recipe made for the taikonauts have become a new internet hit. What do strawberry tomatoes look like? How do they taste? Many people have developed a strong interest in this variety of tomatoes. 

On April 18, reporters learned that the popular strawberry tomatoes taste sweet and sour, with a sugar level of more than 10 degrees. As the "noble variety" among tomatoes, the wholesale price of strawberry tomatoes has reached 12 yuan ($1.88) a catty. Some shops are selling up to two tons of strawberry tomatoes a day because of the growing demand.

Strawberry tomatoes do not taste like strawberries, so they get their name because they look like strawberries, growers said. Ordinary tomatoes are resistant to transport, so the skin is thick. Strawberry tomatoes are small but tasty with a thin, watery skin, a farm planter explained.

Although there are few groceries selling strawberry tomatoes in offline shopping malls and vegetable markets, it is easy to find them on online e-commerce platforms. Searching e-commerce platforms, all pages related to strawberry tomatoes have been linked to the label: "taikonauts style" "This shows the attractiveness and charm of out Chinese taikounauts," one netizen who just bought the strawberry tomatoes said.