US Embassy in China mocked by Chinese netizens after comparing Russia with Nazi Germany
Published: May 09, 2022 02:00 AM
Photo: Screenshot of Weibo
Photo: Screenshot of Weibo

The US Embassy in China on Sunday issued a post comparing Russia with Nazi Germany during World War II amid the crisis in Ukraine but Chinese netizens slammed such fanning of flames, saying the US was the biggest culprit by inciting war and jeopardizing global peace.

The embassy's post on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo was in commemoration of the Victory in Europe Day, which is one day after the 23rd anniversary of NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in former Yugoslavia that left three Chinese nationals dead.

Remembering the blood debt the US and NATO own to Chinese people, netizens vented their anger and sarcasm against the US in their comments. "Don't you think we have forgotten the three Chinese killed by the NATO bombing in the former Yugoslavia 23 years ago," one netizen said.

Others questioned who should be blamed for launching wars and invasions. "Who incited the war? Who fanned the flames of conflict? You are really good at diverting attention and blame-shifting," wrote a Weibo user

"So, the US were not invading but gifting freedom to Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Aren't you the world's top one war criminal?" a netizen posted, while another added "I wish there is no plague, war and the US."