Some French media and scholars expect to see China's 'Chernobyl moment' by attacking the dynamic zero-COVID policy: Chinese Ambassador to France
Published: May 09, 2022 11:47 PM
Photo: VCG
Lu Shaye, Chinese Ambassador to France Photo: VCG

Rather than caring about the health, welfare and freedom of the Chinese people or the country's economic development, a clique of French media and scholars just expect something to go wrong and wish to see China's "Chernobyl moment", said Lu Shaye, Chinese Ambassador to France, in an interview with Nouvelles D'Europe on Sunday.

The remarks came in response to the questioning and criticism from some French media on China's dynamic zero-COVID policy.

"The facts and data show that China's persistence on the dynamic zero-COVID policy suits its national conditions. With a population 20 times larger than France, China will face an unimaginable disaster if sharing the same ratio of confirmed cases and deaths as France," said Lu.

Lu said that if China gave up its dynamic zero-COVID policy and allowed large numbers of infections, those attacking the zero-COVID policy would again blame the Chinese government for irresponsibly ignoring people's lives. "In these people's eyes, the Chinese government would always be wrong whatever it does," Lu said.

The Chinese ambassador refuted the media report that China's vaccination rate among people over 60 years old is only 60 percent, saying that more than 80 percent of elders over 60 in China had been fully vaccinated by the end of April and China's overall vaccination rate is 88 percent while France's is 80 percent.

As for a French media outlet that called the restriction measures in some Chinese cities "Gulag", Lu said it is an ideological attack because many countries have imposed restriction measures to control the pandemic, including France, which had three lockdowns.

"Some people in France always hold deep-rooted ideological bias and hatred toward China. But China and France have neither mutual geopolitical conflicts or security threats. Is it necessary for these people to smear China? Do they stand on the French side or the US side?" Lu said.