Multiple officials in Beijing punished for negligence managing two cluster infections
Published: May 25, 2022 01:48 AM
People wait in line to be tested for COVID-19 at a swab collection site in Beijing on April 25, 2022. Photo: AFP
People wait in line to be tested for COVID-19 at a swab collection site in Beijing on April 25, 2022. Photo: AFP

The investigation involving two cluster infections in Beijing was released on Tuesday, with punishments imposed on employees from two companies, officials from local governments, and staff from related industrial supervision department and epidemic prevention departments.

A cluster of infection cases occurred in the China Railway 11th Bureau Group Third Corporation Limited in May. The official inspection found that an employee of the company, surnamed Liu, organized 24 workers to leave the control area of Yancun county, in Beijing's Fangshan district on May 4, one day after the region implemented temporary epidemic control measures, according to the notification posted on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on Tuesday.

The group of employees then went to Haidian and Daxing districts with a fabricated trip record.

Liu and others have been placed under investigation by public security organs. Relevant units and personnel of the company have been punished by the company.

Other related local government personnel, including officials from Fangshan, Haidian and Daxing districts, especially those from the epidemic control departments, have been punished for loopholes in management. For example, unqualified work of population census in controlled regions, ill-timed implementation of control measures, and loose industrial regulation.

In addition, the company in charge of Yunda Express' Changyang branch in Beijing's Fangshan district has also been put under investigation by the public security organs on suspicion of obstructing the prevention of infectious diseases.

Yunda's Changyang branch was found guilty of failing to organize employees to conduct nucleic acid tests as required and strictly implement the vaccination requirements of the front-line operation staffers.

The closed-loop management was not strictly conducted as there are cases of external personnel who were working for several days for the branch and are later confirmed positive.

Related officials responsible for the postal service in the area were given a serious warning or removed from posts, as the supervision and inspection of the epidemic prevention and control work of express delivery enterprises within the jurisdiction were not in place.

Fangshan has reported 292 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday morning.