Man gives ‘extravagant’ life to 1,000 pigs with swimming pool and dining music
Published: Jun 06, 2022 04:32 PM
Liu feeding his pigs. Screenshot of

Liu feeding his pigs. Screenshot of

A man has raised 1,000 Tibetan pigs in the deep mountains in Liuyang, Central China's Hunan Province, digging them a swimming pool for entertainment and playing cheering music at their dining time. While he's losing money, his passion and love for the pigs keeps him "doting on" them, media reported. 

The man, surnamed Liu, started to raise the pigs in September 2019, after he came back from Shenzhen in 2010 not adapting to the pace of life. The pigs, he said, have developed reflexes over the years - as long as they hear him playing cheering music through the loudspeaker, they will run back from the mountains to come to eat. 

Liu has two bases in Liuyang, and employed workers to feed the pigs, but he does not limit the animals' activities. "Going into the woods, they will find things to eat by themselves and I can save some money on the feed as well," he said. 

The pigs have strong resilience, and can grow to about 60 kilograms in one year. 

"I have also turned a fish pond into a swimming pool for the pigs," Liu said, "where they can not only have fun but also cool down in summer." 

While he has lost money in recent years, he said he will keep hanging on due to his passion for the pigs. He plans to find partners to raise the pigs together, he told media.