China bans tattoos services for minors
Published: Jun 06, 2022 07:28 PM
Photo: from Xinhua.

Photo: from Xinhua.


Newly enacted rules by China's State Council on Monday forbid any companies, organizations or individuals from providing tattooing services to minors, or coercing, fomenting, inducing them to get tattooed.

According to the rules approved by the minors protection department of China's State Council, tattoo service providers should make obvious statements in their shops not to provide service to minors and ask for an ID to check the customers' age if it is not clear to the eye.

No advertisement, books, journals or digital publications shall include content that could induce minors to get tattoos, said the new rule. Parents and guardians are also required to dissuade their kids from seeking tattooing. Government agencies, including health, market monitoring, public security, judicial and civil affairs departments are required to support the new regulation.