Update: College student expelled from Shanghai university for suspected attempt to drug schoolmate with ‘philter’
Published: Jun 13, 2022 09:04 PM Updated: Jun 13, 2022 08:57 PM
Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo
Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo

A college student was expelled on Tuesday from a university in Shanghai after he put a suspected "philter" in a female student's cup.
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) punished the 21-year-old student surnamed Yin with expulsion from school, and Yin's probationary Party membership was also revoked in accordance with the Party's rules and discipline, The Paper reported. 

The school has always adhered to a student-centered concept, and safeguards the health and safety of teachers and students, a staffer from the university said, assuring that the university would further strengthen moral education. Any violation of school rules and regulations will be dealt with seriously to resolutely maintain a healthy and safe learning and living environment on the campus.

Yin put a substance into a female student's cup when they were studying at the school library around Sunday noon. Yin was taken away by the police for investigation that afternoon, according to a statement released late Sunday night by the university. The school has established a special work group to assist the police in the investigation.

A statement released on Monday by the police from Songjiang district shows the substance that Yin put in the student's drink was effervescent tablet of taurine, a kind of nonessential amino acid which has certain antiviral effect. It is uncertain if the substance can improve women's sexual desire. The physical evidence has been sent for further examination, according to the statement.

According to media reports, Yin is a junior student from the School of German Studies of SISU and is the female student's acquaintance. The substance he put into the student's drink is suspected to be an philter he purchased online.

A message from the female student circulating on the internet shows that she had been away from her cup of coffee left behind at the library when she went for lunch and later found her drink was contaminated with something that tasted absurd.

When she checked the surveillance at the security department, she found Yin had put some substance into her drink. She even found that Yin was observing her from behind whether she drank the contaminated drink or not. Yin even followed her to the toilet where she poured the drink into the sink.

Since Yin was her acquaintance, she felt frightened and reported the incident to the police. Yin still remains in custody for investigation as of Monday.

The female student said she had gone through physical examinations at hospital and despite the results turning out to be normal she has been seriously traumatized by the incident no matter whether the substance Yin put into her drink indeed had the aphrodisiac effect or not.

Since Yin had attempted to drug her, the female student vows to get down to the real nitty-gritty of the incident and make sure Yin should be criminally or civilly liable for any damages.

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