Comrades-in-arms and netizens share their tribute to commemorate border heroes on 2nd anniversary of Galwan Valley clash
Published: Jun 15, 2022 11:11 PM
Photo: Hao Xuan
Photo: Hao Xuan

As June 15 marks the second anniversary of the deadly Galwan Valley clash, comrades-in-arms of border defense heroes and many Chinese netizens expressed their tribute with some sharing moments on social media, commemorating the martyrs and paying tribute to those Chinese soldiers hailed as the real model of the young generation.

A video published by the military channel of China Central Television, released to the public for the first time an image of Chen Xiangrong and his comrades-in-arms. Chen is one of the martyrs who sacrificed his life for the defense of the Chinese territory during the border standoff with India in 2020. "Every time I took a photo of him, he smiled at me." said Chen Wei, one of Chen Xiangrong's comrades-in-arms who took the picture. "Why didn't I take more photos of him?" Chen Wei lamented.

Chen Xiangrong died at the age of 19, and the fighting slogan "My pure love is only for China" written by Chen inspires thousands of millions of Chinese people. After two years, many expressed their remembrance for those young heroes.

On Wednesday, the PLA Southern Xinjiang Military Command organized activities to commemorate border defense heroes and inspire officers and soldiers to train and prepare for war.

Comrades-in-arms of Wang Zhuoran, another of the martyrs who sacrificed his life to safeguard national sovereignty and territory in the clash, shared the story of the hero on Wednesday, inspiring other officers and soldiers to learn from him, practice skills, and fight for the motherland and the people.

Also, a reenactment of the battle was staged at the command, featuring how the heroes defended the country and guarded the border, to encourage others to follow suit.

Four Chinese officers and soldiers sacrificed their lives and one was seriously injured during the incident. They were all awarded by the Central Military Commission. A total of 20 Indian soldiers died in the skirmish.

The People's Liberation Army Western Theater Command published an article on Wednesday saying that "two years on, we still miss you very much" as June 15, 2020 is a date that will never be forgotten in the history of border defense.

The article also looked back to the incident, saying that Chinese border officers and soldiers have exercised restraint and tried their utmost to safeguard the overall interests of bilateral relations and peace in the border areas while facing illegal provocations by the other side.

In desperation, the border guards resolutely fought back the aggression, achieving major victories and effectively safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Western Theater Command also shared some updates from the relatives of those heroes. For example, the son of Chen Hongjun, the battalion commander, held a photo of his father while calling him. Such heartwarming moment also touched the hearts of many Chinese netizens.

"They have never been far away and we have never forgotten," a netizen said on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo, while another said: "Pay tribute! We'll always remember you."

In February 2021, the Central Military Commission issued commendations to the servicemen for their role in bravely fighting back provocations by foreign forces in the Galwan Valley. The title of "Border-defending Hero" was conferred posthumously to Battalion Commander Chen Hongjun, while Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan and Wang Zhuoran received first-class merits.