Inner Mongolian police station confirmed it was vandalized by a Tangshan gang with three officers injured
Published: Jun 18, 2022 06:50 PM Updated: Jun 18, 2022 06:45 PM
Tangshan launches a special campaign against crimes dubbed
Tangshan launches a special campaign against crimes dubbed "Thunderstorm.” Photo:VCG

A police station located in a county in Inner Mongolia confirmed it was vandalized by a gang from Tangshan, Hebei Province, leading to three injured polices officers. The station has transferred the case to the anti-crime department for further investigation.

The publicity department of Ningcheng, Inner Mongolia confirmed with media on Friday that one of the county’s police station had been vandalized by a group of people from Tangshan in 2011.

The case has re-emerged into public view after a video showing a woman holding her ID card, claiming that a man surnamed Feng, president of a Tangshang iron and steel company, was responsible for the violence. 

The video quickly went viral after it was posted on Wednesday, with Tangshan attracting recent attention after a graphic video emerged showing a group of men violently beating several women in a barbecue restaurant, after one women refused  harassment by a male patron, sparking public anger.  

In response to wide spread anger, Tangshan authorities this week encouraged residents to submit tip-offs to the ongoing campaign to crack down on illegal acts, showing determination to eradicate violence in the city after the brutal restaurant assault.

The Ningcheng police station previously denied the incident when questioned by reporters. In the latest response, the county’s publicity department said those who denied have no knowledge of what happened, and the case has been transferred to anti-crime department for follow up . 

Feng’s company has been pressed charges on more than ten occasions. Feng himself and the company have also been listed for default  for failing to fulfill their legal and financial troubles.

In the latest declaration of determination, Tangshan officials vowed on Friday to swiftly and severely deal with illegal cases once arising from public tip-offs. 

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