Macao tightens outbound policies, rolls out mass testing to fight ‘severest COVID-19 epidemic’
Published: Jun 19, 2022 01:46 PM
The skyline at night of the Macao Special Administrative Region, China Photo: IC
The skyline at night of the Macao Special Administrative Region, China Photo: IC

China’s Macao Special Administrative Region tightened outbound policies, closed schools and rolled out mass testing to fight the “severest COVID-19 epidemic.” 

At least 10 residents at a residential compound were found to be positive for COVID-19 and two others to be related cases. The relevant epidemiological studies are undergoing. 

This round of outbreak in Macao is rapid and is severer than any previous rounds of epidemics. It is expected the total of confirmed cases won’t be lower than 12, Ao Ieong U, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture department, told the press on Sunday. 

As a response, the Zhuhai-Macao epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism tightened the requirement for leaving Macao – a certificate of negative nucleic acid testing taken with 24 hours is required. While the policy for entering Macao remains unchanged. 

Considering that the risk of community transmission could be higher, the epidemic coordination center decided to roll out mass nucleic acid testing starting from Sunday noon till Tuesday noon. All Macao residents and those who stay in the city need participate as well, Ao Ieong U said. 

Starting from Sunday, universities and schools suspended their classes, activities such as testing and graduation ceremonies, competitions and communications. Cross-border students should avoid coming back to the city, according to local education authorities. 

Sports, cultural venues and parks were also closed. 

The Macao regional government called on to suspend all public venues except supermarkets and street markets, while restaurants have been suggested to suspend dine-in service. 

Residents are encouraged to stay at home and avoid getting outdoors in non-emergency scenario. 

Meanwhile, the city of Zhuhai, Macao's neighbor, also rolled out mass testing in Gaoxin district to screen for potential infections on Sunday.

Global Times