Shenzhen bans drones and small aircraft during celebrations on Hong Kong SAR's 25th anniversary
Published: Jun 28, 2022 10:14 AM Updated: Jun 28, 2022 10:06 AM

Shenzhen Photo: VCG
Shenzhen Photo: VCG

To ensure the safety of the upcoming celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)'s return to the motherland, its neighboring city Shenzhen has decided to ban drones and other small aircraft in the city for six days, the local public security bureau said on Monday.

Starting from Tuesday, drones and other low-altitude, slow and small aircraft and airborne objects, including light and ultra-light aircraft, light helicopter, glider, delta wing, power delta wing, paraglider, power parachute, hot air balloon, airship, civil UAV, model aircraft and unmanned free balloon are prohibited in the administrative area of the city, according to a circular released by the bureau. 

According to police, the banning period will last for six days till July 3. During the time, the take-off and landing sites of those low-altitude, slow and small aircraft will be temporarily closed. 

Relevant institutes and companies that possess such aircraft are encouraged to put them into storage, the circular noted. Flight activities in violation of the circular may lead to legal punishments or criminal charges accordingly.

The ban doesn't involve approved flight activities for use in celebrations for the 25th anniversary such as performance, aerial photography, television broadcasting, policing, emergency rescue, pilotage, meteorological observation and weather modification operations.

A few days ahead, Hong Kong is already teeming with a festive atmosphere, with many streets decorated with both China's national flag and the HKSAR flag, with buses and boats hanging the banners with slogans such as "sharing opportunities and creating a better future."

The Hong Kong Celebrations Association announced on Tuesday the launch of a series of celebration activities for the anniversary at Victoria Park. On July 1, Hong Kong residents will also have free access to most recreational venues, public swimming pools and water activity centers, according to the SAR government's Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Meanwhile, a range of celebrative activities are also planned for Shenzhen. Themed seminars, concerts, drawing activities and performances are being arranged among all walks of lives in the city, media reports said. 

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