New TV drama shows generational spirit of Chinese legal professionals
Published: Jul 14, 2022 06:06 PM
Promotional material for Out of Court Photo:Courtesy of Fuqiao

Promotional material for Out of Court Photo:Courtesy of Fuqiao

Out of Court
, a new streaming drama series that focuses on Chinese legal professionals and intriguing legal cases debuted on popular streaming platform Youku on Thursday. 

The new drama features two different series of the Blinding elephant and The last Straw that take place in different times but are still interconnected. These two stories add to the suspense of the series and as little clues are added in the final truth is revealed at the show's end. 

The drama stars popular actors like Xia Yu, who won the Best Actor Award at the 1994 Venice Film Festival and successfully depicted a policeman in the 2003 film The Law of Romance, and Luo Jin, who rose to popularity due to her performance in 2016's costume drama Princess Weiyoung

Additionally, actresses such as Wan Qian and Jiao Junyan, a popular star in suspense films such as 2019's Hunt Down, will also play important parts in the drama to depict the belief in justice among various legal professionals such as judges, police and lawyers. 

Legal dramas have been rising in popularity in recent years, especially those promoting the spirit of China's legal professionals among young viewers.

In 2020, famous suspense novel writer Zi Jinchen's The Long Night was adapted into a streaming drama of the same name. Telling the story of a prosecutor investigating a years-old murder case, the show received solid reviews from audiences after it debuted on streaming platform iQiyi.