HKSAR govt awards 889 persons including Olympic champion and police officer stabbed in a 'lone-wolf' terrorist attack in 2021
Published: Jul 28, 2022 07:21 AM
Hong Kong File Photo: Xinhua
Hong Kong File Photo: Xinhua

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government unveiled the 2022 Honors List and Justices and the Peace appointments with 889 persons awarded, the highest number since the city's return to the motherland in 1997. The current Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu was awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal for his outstanding performance when he served as Secretary for Security.

Over half of those awarded excelled in the fight against COVID-19, according to local media reports. Those awarded with different medals, such as the Grand Bauhinia Medal, Gold Bauhinia Star, Silver Bauhinia Star and the Medal for Bravery made significant contributions in various areas including public service, education, medical services, finance, technology and innovation, culture, arts and sports.

Besides Lee, the leader of the Liberal Party, lawmaker Tommy Cheung Yu-yan, and the permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal, Justice Roberto Alexandre Vieira Ribeiro, were among those awarded with the Grand Bauhinia Medal.

A total of 12 persons who served under the previous government, including Chan Kwok-ki, former director of the Chief Executive's office, Sophia Chan Siu-chee, former secretary of food and health and former secretary of education, Yeung Yun-hung, were awarded with the Gold Bauhinia Star. Tang Ping-keung, who served as Commissioner of Police and is now the Secretary of Security, was also awarded for his "remarkable contributions in the maintenance of law and order," the HKSAR government announced online.

Ronny Tong Ka-wah, awarded Gold Bauhinia Star, told the Global Times that choosing a political career is not for applause or award. "Any form of recognition is a good thing but it will not affect my efforts and persistence," Tong said, noting that he will continue focusing on his work and pay back to society.

Some of the awarded also told media on Wednesday that Hong Kong is currently at a stage of transit from chaos to stability and prosperity. People need to cherish the opportunities to create better environment for foster their patriotism and make a greater contribution to the city's long-term development.

Tokyo Olympic fencing champion, Cheung Ka-long, was also awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star for his performance at the Games as the first male athlete from Hong Kong to win an Olympic gold medal.

This year's Medal for Bravery was given to So King-cho, who was attacked by an assailant with a knife during the execution of duties on July 1, 2021. He sustained serious injuries and bled profusely. Nevertheless, he exerted all his strength to warn his colleagues nearby of the immediate danger enabling the officers around him to instantly act.

The attacker was described by the authorities as a "lone-wolf domestic terrorist" and has been strongly condemned.

"The award shows that the contribution of the Hong Kong Police Force to society has been widely supported and recognized, and the police officer's actions helped local residents feel the presence of the government and set the example for other civil servants," Chairman of the Hong Kong Junior Police Officers' Association, Lam Chi-wai, told the Global Times on Wednesday.