US better clear the ‘mine’ of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip beforehand: Global Times editorial
Published: Jul 29, 2022 11:49 PM
Nancy Pelosi Photo: AFP

Nancy Pelosi Photo: AFP

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has laid a mine where China-US relations and the situation around the Taiwan Straits converge. She lit the match, but it remains uncertain whether she will truly ignite the mine. According to the itinerary of Pelosi's Asia trip as reported by US media, her trip includes Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, and the island of Taiwan was listed as "tentative." Many believe this is a trick by Pelosi, who is very likely to fly to Taiwan island from Japan and make a sudden visit.

This kind of sneaky trick is indeed difficult to predict, but one thing is certain: China will take strong measures to resolutely respond and counteract, and it will let the huge risk created by Pelosi have an impact on herself. This is not only a firm and clear attitude, but will certainly be accompanied by a strong and concrete course of action plan.

China's response has been clear, as always. "Those who play with fire will perish by it." This was said to Pelosi and the Taiwan secessionist forces that support her. A White House official called it a metaphor that China regularly tends to use. He completely misread and misjudged the essence and weight of this sentence. Any act of stepping on the red line will surely hit the iron wall of China's counterattack. China's repeated public warnings are by no means jokes. Washington should turn to history to see that China has always kept its word.

No matter from the perspective of international law or international morality, it is legitimate and necessary for China to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity from provocation. Today, China's will and ability in this regard is without doubt. US President Joe Biden has reiterated that he adheres to the one-China policy and does not support "Taiwan independence." What kind of behavior is a visit to Taiwan island by Washington's "No.3 figure"? If you come to offend me, I will make you bear the consequences. This is not China threatening or intimidating anyone, but safeguarding and defending its own core interests.

It must be pointed out that the current understanding of this serious situation is very inadequate in the political circles of Washington, and some wrong views are circulating, misleading public opinion. Those anti-China politicians and media are fanning the flames. On the one hand, they say that if Pelosi really visits Taiwan island, it will be the "peak of her political career." On the other hand, if she doesn't go, she will "hand China some kind of victory" and she cannot let China decide where she can go. The issue is, Taiwan is China's territory, not a place where people can come and go at will. If you come uninvited with malice, of course we have the right and necessity to deal with you.

Pingtan Maritime Safety Administration in Fujian Province issued a navigation warning on Friday, saying that live-fire training missions will be carried out in waters near Pingtan island from 8 am to 9 pm on Saturday. All ships will be prohibited from entering. Live-fire training means using bullets that don't have eyes, and those who enter without permission will face the consequences. It is not ruled out that there will be more live ammunition drills in the next few days. If needed, we could also delimit missile test areas and conduct ballistic tests. During the sensitive period, the People's Liberation Army will monitor Pelosi's plane in a timely manner. If it is found flying toward our airspace, the PLA fighter jets could warn, follow, intercept, electronically interfere, force a landing, or drive it back. In this process, any consequences may occur, and the responsibility rests entirely with the US.

Some people may say, isn't this a move to trigger a war with the US? In this regard, people can refer to China's principles and positions in the trade war: not wanting a trade war, not being afraid of one, and having to fight one when necessary. Others say that if Pelosi sneaked into Taiwan via a civilian airliner, it would be difficult to identify the plane. It is true. Yet if she comes and goes in such a way, we may not be able to make countermoves in time, but it will be Pelosi who bears the embarrassment. Her move will also be remembered, and one day she will have to pay it back.

In a word, we have ways to raise the risk of Pelosi's "performance" through the visit, greatly increase the cost of her performance, and boost the price she has to pay. Let Pelosi deeply realize that Taiwan island is not a place where she can run wild. It must also be emphasized that how China responds depends on the degree of provocation by the US and the DPP authority, and any actions of the PLA are defensive. We are protecting our homeland and our country, and we are on the side of natural justice. The "mine" - Pelosi's visit to Taiwan - had better be eliminated in advance by Washington.