Sanction Pelosi and her like, make them feel real and lasting pain: Global Times editorial
Published: Aug 05, 2022 11:50 PM
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Photo: AFP

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Photo: AFP

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's egregious provocation, China decided to adopt sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family members in accordance with laws of the People's Republic of China. As the No.3 figure in the US government, Pelosi has become the highest-ranking US politician sanctioned by China. After the decision was announced, it was greatly welcomed on Chinese social media, with many netizens hailing it as "a well-done job." This is a true reflection of Chinese society's disgust toward Pelosi and her like.

China hasn't specified its sanction measures, which indicates the scope of the sanctions may be very broad. It can be expected that if any ties of interest with China can be found in the business activities of Pelosi and her immediate family members, they will definitely be cut off. Not only will the current business of the Pelosi family be damaged, but all commercial companies in the US or third-party countries that aim to expand their markets in China will avoid the Pelosi family like it was a plague. China's sanctions will by no means be symbolic.

It's well-known that Pelosi, mocked as a "rich woman on Capitol Hill," and her family operate a big business empire. Pelosi has long been criticized for taking advantage of her position to seek business interests for her family. China's sanctions will inevitably deal a precise strike. According to some Hong Kong media outlets, Pelosi's husband and son made a great sum of money from investments in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia through funds. In the future, those businesses will find it impossible to continue. The "revolving door" of the Pelosi family will be stuck wherever it relates to any Chinese elements. The pain will be real and lasting.

Look at Mike Pompeo's situation after being sanctioned by China. Pompeo staged an anti-China "doomsday madness" in his last days in office as US secretary of state and was sanctioned by China in January 2021. After he left office, it was rarely heard that any large corporation expressed willingness to invite him as an advisor, an abnormal "revolving door" phenomenon. Instead, many companies reportedly refused to cooperate with him. It's fair to say that China's sanctions played an important role. In the end, Pompeo went to a conservative think tank, reportedly getting an annual salary of about $80,000. If it's true, this income level is the worst in the history of the former secretary of state. 

It is worth noting that Pelosi is widely expected to step down as House speaker in the second half of the year because the prospects for the Democratic Party in the midterm elections are not optimistic. However, instead of "waiting," China imposed sanctions on her during her term, even before she finished her trip to Asia. This demonstrates China's firm determination and strong will to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. On the same day as China announced sanctions against Pelosi, China also announced countermeasures including canceling or suspending China-US meetings and cooperation in maritime military security, criminal justice and climate change. This sends a clear and powerful signal: The one-China principle is the basis for any international exchange, dialogue and cooperation with China. China will not provoke, but it does not fear provocations. China will unswervingly defend its sovereignty, security and development interests. 

The US Congress, as an integral part of the US government, should strictly abide by the US government's one-China policy. But the current situation is that the Congress has almost become a dangerous stage for Washington to support "Taiwan secessionism." Its influence on the US' China policy is growing and is about to become a dominant force. The House speaker has become an anti-China leader, and is even proud of it. It is very abnormal and dangerous to let the US Congress, which is full of extreme emotions, to become the locomotive for the US to handle great power relations. For politicians who try to use extreme anti-China performances for personal gain, China's latest sanctions are a warning: Whoever wants to sabotage China-US relations as their own stepping-stone will find themselves falling into a pit.

In response to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan island, China's countermeasures are bearing fruit. The most important thing is that the Chinese mainland's ability to control cross-Straits relations has taken a big step forward. This is an even bigger blow to Pelosi and her like. They can never easily get away with manipulating the Taiwan question. Pelosi's political vanity swelled to the extreme during her visit to Taiwan. Now it is time to let it slowly deflate and suffer backlash.