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Published: Aug 18, 2022 05:39 PM
'Twenty Your Life On 2': trailblazing young women-oriented drama returns

When the drama Twenty Your Life On 2 hit China's small screens, it captured the interest of many viewers, especially among the younger demographic. Such a young woman-oriented TV drama provided the domestic TV industry a new vision with its creative perspectives. Now with the arrival of the second season, will the show still be as eye-catching?

Season two of Twenty Your Life On began airing both on Hunan Television and streaming platform iQiyi Wednesday evening. The news of the second season has attracted the attention of many on social media thanks to the success of the first season.

The story of Twenty Your Life On has been seen as ground-breaking: Discussing real life topics in a realistic manner, it focuses on depicting a group portrait of young female college students and how they balance their identities as students and new entries to the workforce. 

The story of the first season continues in season two: Liang Shuang, who had been dreaming of becoming a social media influencer, signed an unequal work contract with a net influencer company at the end of the first season; Jiang Xiaoguo began working at a venture capital institution yet is bullied as a newcomer; Duan Jiabao became an agent at an acting company and Luo Yan failed to make it into post graduate school. 

As their story evolves in the following season, the four close friends, now 25, have reached a point where the workplace is their battlefield. 

Yet they are facing more challenges as they grow up.

For example, the most unusual character, Liang, a vigorous young avant-garde woman, successfully becomes a beauty blogger. However, she must face the unmeasurable pressure of an industry where stars are low paid and quickly replaced.  

This realistic TV series has captured the hearts of many young audiences who want to see their own experiences in work, love and life reflected in it. So perhaps the way for season two to gain a new round of good reviews is to show the plight of this group again in patient detail.

Promotional material for Twenty Your Life On 2 Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for Twenty Your Life On 2 Photo: Courtesy of Douban