Netizens send blessings to Chengdu after city finally gets some rainfall
Published: Aug 24, 2022 09:26 PM
Chengdu Photo:VCG

Chengdu Photo:VCG

Chinese netizens have been sending good wishes to people in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province after the city got some rainfall amid the ongoing sizzling weather in which temperatures have regularly risen above 40 C.

Residents in Chengdu posted pictures or videos of the rain online, with some saying it felt like the breath of autumn. A local driver said he didn't want to use the windshield wipers as Chengdu hasn't had rain for a while and he wanted to enjoy it.

Chinese netizens have also been excited about Chengdu's rain as many regions across China have been hit by scorching weather in the summer. The topic of rain in Chengdu has become viral on WeChat and has got more than 100 million clicks on Chinese-twitter like Sina Weibo as of press time on Wednesday. Local media outlets have also opened livestreaming to let more netizens enjoy the rain together. 

"Finally, it rains in Chengdu!" "Bravo!" "Congratulations to Chengdu people." "My eyes were filled with tears!" netizens said.

However, the rain was only in some areas of the city, so some residents weren't so lucky.

A Chengdu resident in Gaoxin district told the Global Times on Wednesday that it's still a hot sunny day with temperatures of above 40 C. "The wind was big this morning, but no rain yet!" 

Since July 5, Sichuan province has seen high temperatures and little rainfall. According to statistics from the Sichuan Meteorological Service, the average precipitation in the province has been the least since records started. 

"It rained twice this morning. Let's hope the power shortages will ease," one netizen wrote.

The drought situation caused by sustained hot weather and low precipitation since July has also reduced hydropower generation, so the province has had to carry out measures such as dimming subway lights to save electricity in Chengdu.

Jianyang national meteorological observation station recorded the highest temperature of 43.4 C on August 21. It was the highest temperature ever recorded in Chengdu, according to the local weather authorities.

The Chengdu weather forecast authorities on Wednesday issued a blue alert for rainstorms in some parts and reminded residents to take some precautions.