Italian politics has been hijacked to follow the US against the national interest
Published: Aug 29, 2022 04:53 PM
US hegemony Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

US hegemony Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

According to many polls, Giorgia Meloni is going to become the next prime minister of Italy, supported by a center-right coalition. The overall coalition is subordinated to Washington's geostrategic will. This is a certainty. 

It is also important to remember that the entire next Italian parliament will not present any consistent alternative to them, in terms of current Italian foreign policy. Nobody, no party, no coalition, will challenge the irrationality of Washington diktats for our country. US foreign policy is irrational and it is producing Italian irrational views, such as our confrontational posture toward Russia (Unfortunately, it is not a joke, even though it should be). In addition, there is the acceptance of anti-China attitude, following the dangerous and unreasonable new cold war strategy applied and imposed by the US to Europe. 

This anti-Russia and anti-China approach took off with the Mario Draghi government, where Draghi was called into power, by Sergio Mattarella and foreign supporters, in order to implement a brutal twist in favor of a rigid and ideological "Atlantism." According to elite in Washington and Brussels, Italy was to open toward China and Russia during, above all, the first Giuseppe Conte government (when we signed the MoU to joint he BRI). 

Therefore, they organized a counter-reaction readdressing Italy's foreign policy. How did they implement it? Exploiting the weaknesses of Italian political forces and intervening with an Atlantist/Whashington high-level executor of the capitalist world, Draghi. It is very likely that Draghi, or another similar personage, will come back to power if the new government coalition does not guarantee stability and the correct direction according to Washington's desire. 

Obviously, for people like me that has been studying relations between China and Europe and China and Italy, within great power analysis, this is the road for Italian and European suicide. We got benefits from Chinese investments and trading with China - who is much more focused on real economy than the US and Europe. However, we decide to blind our eyes, according to cost-benefits analysis, and move into a wrong direction. Namely, in favor of the US system, which is still contributing to regional and global instability and insecurity. More than ever. 

In addition, Washington is not in a historical condition to provide economic benefits to counterbalance its request to go to war and to accept a collective sacrifice of our socioeconomic interests. I know it is irrational and wrong to accept such a suicidal plan to fulfill their hegemonic ambitions, but ideology over structure here has blinded our minds. Actually, in conclusion, at least half of civil society disagrees with such a crazy policies, in Italy and in the entire Europe. But it is not enough, because our democratic procedure does work anymore. 

The author is associate professor of International Studies at CFAU, Beijing, teaching also at the International Institute Lorenzo de' Medici, Florence. He is also member of CCERRI think tank, Zhengzhou, and EURISPES, Laboratorio BRICS, Rome. Follow him on twitter @fabiomassimos. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn