Alleged "Chinese police stations in Netherlands" are actually overseas service centers: FM spokesperson
Published: Oct 26, 2022 10:00 PM
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin Photo: Chinese Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin Photo: Chinese Foreign Ministry

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the allegation about China "running illegal police stations" in the Netherlands is simply untrue, and said that the so-called police stations are actually overseas Chinese service centers.
During Wednesday's routine news conference, Wang was asked to comment on recent media reports that accused China of running two illegal police stations in the Netherlands. Strongly rebutting the accusations, Wang said that what were referred to as "overseas police stations" are in fact overseas Chinese service centers.
"The allegation is simply untrue," said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. "Due to COVID-19, a large number of overseas Chinese nationals have been unable to return to China in time for services such as renewing their driving license. As a solution to these difficulties, relevant sub-national authorities have opened up an online licensing platform."
He explained that the purpose of the service centers is to help overseas Chinese nationals in need access the platform to have their driving licenses renewed and receive physical examinations. "I would refer you to the competent authorities if you need more details," he told the reporters.
Wang stressed that Chinese public security authorities are fully committed to fighting transnational crimes in accordance with the law, while strictly observing international law and fully respecting the judicial sovereignty of other countries.

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