Centenary of Albert Einstein's visit to Shanghai celebrated
Published: Nov 15, 2022 12:29 AM
A visitor is taking photos in the

A visitor is taking photos in the "Einstein Room" at the event. Photo: Qi Xijia/GT

An event dedicated to the centenary of Albert Einstein's visit to Shanghai in 1922 and his receipt of the Nobel Prize was held in the city on Monday, featuring a series of historical documents, letters and images.

Co-organized by the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai and the Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai, the event was held at the China Securities Museum, the former Astor House Hotel, where Einstein reportedly stayed during his visit to the city.

Exactly 100 years ago in November, Einstein made the first of only two short visits to the city of Shanghai on his way to Japan to give lectures. Several days before arriving in Shanghai, it was announced that Einstein had won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

The exhibition featured numerous items, including copies of the newspapers in 1922 which covered the reception of Einstein in Shanghai; Einstein's Nobel certificates dated December 10, 1922; the Nobel Prize medal awarded to Einstein; and a telegram to Einstein from the secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announcing the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Einstein is believed to have stayed in room 304 at Astor House Hotel, which at that time was the most luxurious hotel of its kind, and he listened to China's traditional opera during his visit.

Before being converted into the China Securities Museum, Chinese students reportedly liked to sleep in the so-called "Einstein Room" the night before major exams to absorb some of his wisdom. Einstein's diary suggests, however, that he slept on board a ship while staying in Shanghai.

Einstein is a figure who continues to inspire many across the world.

"Amongst other similarities, I believe that it is the thirst for knowledge and discovery that deeply connects the Israeli and Chinese people today," Eytan Halon, deputy consul general of Israel in Shanghai, said in a speech at the event.