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Published: Nov 15, 2022 09:01 PM
People explore the Colorful New Era exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Suzhou Art Museum

People explore the Colorful New Era exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Suzhou Art Museum

'Colorful New Era' - art exhibition

This new art exhibition in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province is sure to be an art feast for audiences who are interested in Chinese painting. 

It exhibits more than 100 Chinese paintings created by a total of 107 artists all across the country. Unlike traditional Chinese ink paintings, these works are "heavy-color" paintings.

Heavy-color art refers to an art genre that combines the aesthetics of Chinese gongbi (fine brushwork) painting and dense colors extracted from natural mineral pigments. The movement occupies an important position in the early development of Chinese painting.

The show in Suzhou depicts various themes such as the natural landscape of China and people's urban lives with the aim to present the vibrant development of the country over the past decade. 

The city of Suzhou has always been a cradle for the development of heavy color art. 

In May, several heavy color art training sessions were launched in the city for the public. 

These courses have attracted many amateur painters, while providing a platform for the young Chinese painters to exchange their artistic skills with each other.  

Where: Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou   

When: Until December 4, 2022 

Price: Free Entry

'Pride and Prejudice' - stage performance  

Taking inspiration from the classic English literature work Pride and Prejudice created by Jane Austen in 1813, this stage performance of the same name in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, is a re-enactment of the original story set in contemporary times. 

The show brings in Chinese stage veterans such as national first-class actors Chen Qiang and Sun Fengying, and also young stage performers such as Wang Lifu and Wen Shijia to interpret the classic roles in the novel such as Mr Bennet, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth. 

Pride and Prejudice, a classic cultural IP that has been adapted into films, TV production and stage dramas, has never lost its ability to attract younger audiences. Though the story is set in a European cultural context, the upcoming stage performance has intrigued netizens. 

"I once learned the idea to always love with dignity from the Pride and Prejudice film, I'm so looking forward to seeing it again," posted one netizen on Chinese review site Douban. 

Where: Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 

When: December 31, 2022   

Price: From 80 yuan ($11.50)  

'Meet Dunhuang' - art exhibition    

The artistry of the Dunhuang Grottoes has fascinated people all around the world for a long time. Although not everyone who is keen on the treasure can get a chance to visit, this art exhibition in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, will give visitors an opportunity to enjoy the artworks through a technology-powered show.

More than 200 Dunhuang murals have been turned into projections that are displayed at the 1,500-square-meter exhibition hall. 

The exhibition is divided into four sections featuring various digital art installations that show the Dunhuang Grottoes' distinctive architecture, sculptures and murals.

In addition to being surrounded by magnificent visuals, visitors will also be able to enjoy extraordinary music and specially created sound effects that accompany them on their virtual Dunhuang journey. 

The show first debuted in Beijing in 2021 before kicking off a national tour. 

Where: Meet You Museum, Nanjing  

When: December 20, 2022

Price: From 49 yuan ($7)