International community should strive to promote de-escalation of Ukraine crisis, prevent nuclear risks: Chinese representative to UN
Published: Nov 17, 2022 05:50 PM
Ambassador Zhang Jun (center) at the UN Security Council Briefing on Ukraine on Wednesday. China has taken over the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for August. Photo: VCG

Ambassador Zhang Jun (center) at a UN Security Council briefing on Ukraine in August, 2022.  Photo: VCG

The international community should strive to seek consensus and play a constructive and responsible role in promoting the de-escalation of the situation, said China's permanent representative to the UN Zhang Jun at Wednesday's UN Security Council briefing on the Ukraine crisis. A nuclear crisis in Eurasia should be prevented, he stressed. 

During the UN Security Council briefing, Zhang said that the international community should work together to maintain global strategic stability with regard to the Ukraine crisis and make every effort to avoid confrontation between major powers. 

In the current situation, no matter how many difficult challenges exist, the international community must play a responsible role in seeking consensus and de-escalating tensions, Zhang said, adding that an increasingly protracted and complex conflict is in no one's interest.

"We noted that Russia has reaffirmed its commitment to the joint statement of the five nuclear-weapon states' leaders on prevention of nuclear war and avoidance of an arms race released in January," he said, while noting that all actors must abide by the Convention on Nuclear Safety and do their utmost to avoid nuclear risks.

The international community must ensure nuclear weapons are never used, he stressed. 

The Chinese representative also noted that Russia has expressed its willingness to engage in dialogue, and that he hopes concerned parties will commence direct engagement as soon as possible. 

Zhang said that legitimate security concerns must be accommodated to achieve a balanced European security architecture, address the security deficit behind the crisis and foster peace. In addition, the US, NATO and Russia should engage in comprehensive dialogue on that matter, he said.  

Expressing concern over the humanitarian situation, he called on parties to abide by international law and avoid targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure.  

China stands ready to resolve differences on the export of Russian food and fertilizers, he said, deploring the indiscriminate use of sanctions and rejecting the use of "beggar thy neighbor practices or the creation of closed and exclusive clubs."

On the missile incident in Poland, he called for all parties to maintain calm and to avoid actions that might escalate the situation.  

China has all along stood on the side of peace and will continue to encourage peace talks. China supports and looks forward to a resumption of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, and hopes that the US, NATO and the European Union will conduct comprehensive dialogues with Russia, said Chinese President Xi Jinping during meeting with US President Joe Biden in Bali, Indonesia on Monday. 

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