HK's Civic Party to disband, as disruptive forces no longer welcomed among public
Published: Dec 05, 2022 02:04 AM Updated: Dec 05, 2022 01:53 AM
HK Photo:VCG

HK Photo:VCG

The Civic Party in Hong Kong has been left with no choice but to dissolve itself as its new executive committee cannot be formed, said the party's chairman and founder Alan Leong Kah-kit on Saturday, local media reported on Saturday.

Observers noted that the Civic Party's dissolution is inevitable after a series of its moves over the years intended to disrupt Hong Kong. Its dissolution means disruptive forces are no longer welcomed by Hongkongers.

The party has not received any nominations for the next executive committee as of the deadline set at 12 pm Saturday, which was 14 days ahead of an annual election, Hong Kong media outlet The Standard reported Saturday. 

Leong said that the current executive committee members will make their transition to a caretaker executive committee after a general meeting to be held in January, which the committee will then call for a meeting to dissolve the party, according to The Standard. Of the seven current executive committee members, none wanted to stay for another term. 

The Civic Party, was founded in 2006, and was once one of the major anti-government groups in Hong Kong. The party currently has more than 300 members, after many had quit after the National Security Law for Hong Kong came into effect in June 2020XXXX. 

The dissolution of the Civic Party was inevitable because such a party has never really contributed to Hong Kong and the country or worked for the interests of the people, but only chanted slogans and colluded with external forces, a Hong Kong affairs expert told the Global Times on Sunday on condition of anonymity. "It no longer has the support of the people."

Hong Kong legislator Yeung Wing-kit was quoted by Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po as saying that the Civic Party has been responsible for undermining national security and endangering Hong Kong, and has close ties with foreign powers.

After the implementation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong and the improvement of the electoral system, the Civic Party fears that it will be caught by the law if it continues to commit false acts, so it is inevitable for the dissolution of the Civic Party, he said.

During the social turmoils in Hong Kong in 2014, 2016 and 2019, the party had kept continued to rationalize violence and openly backed up the thugs. In September 2019, members of the party even went to the US as members of the Legislative Council and pledged for the US government to sanction Hong Kong.

Some of the eEx-Civic Party legislators Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu, Jeremy Tam Man-ho and Kwok Ka-ki are currently in custody. They had pleaded guilty along with 26 others for their roles in an alleged conspiracy to commit subversion. 

Observers noted that this the dissolution of the Civic Party also marks the dissolution of another one of theone more chaotic forces in Hong Kong, signifying the unpopularity of the chaotic forces among the public.