Sanctions against Miles Yu nail him to pillar of historical shame: Global Times editorial
Published: Dec 23, 2022 10:50 PM
File Photo of Yu Maochun

File Photo of Yu Maochun

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced sanctions on Yu Maochun, known as Miles Yu in the US, and Todd Stein as countermeasures to the illegal US sanctions against two Chinese officials on so-called human rights issues related to China's Xizang region. In recent years, every time the US has harmed China's national interests, China has launched reciprocal countermeasures in a timely manner. The Chinese people are not to be trifled with. Once they are provoked to anger, things can get very tough. We must continue to consolidate this impression in the hearts of provocateurs who are preparing to move against China, and shape the outside world's awe of China's national interests through resolute counterattacks.

It is the first time in the history of the People's Republic of China that counter-sanctions have been imposed on the US by order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The form is more flexible, giving China more options in its countermeasure toolbox. The China-US competition is an all-round one. Washington has many means at its disposal, and keeps coming up with new ones. Of course, we can't be too naive. We must sum up our experience and innovate new means in the process of playing against the US, so that the countermeasures are more powerful and precise and better safeguard national dignity and national interests.

The US sanctions against Chinese officials are pure interference in China's internal affairs and are completely illegal. However, the two people that China has sanctioned fully deserve it. Both are representative figures who have performed extremely badly on China-related issues for a long time. Stein, deputy staff director of the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China, may not be very familiar to many Chinese people, but Yu is more than notorious in global Chinese circles, and has been called "the No.1 contemporary traitor" by netizens. His being sanctioned is tantamount to being stamped in the face by the Chinese government, and he will be permanently nailed to the pillar of historical shame. Chinese across the world feel happy about it.

The traitors who have forgotten their ancestors are the most shameful and hateful. Yu, who was born and educated in China, quickly threw himself into the anti-China countercurrent after arriving in the US. He later won the favor of former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and became his China affairs advisor. Yu is believed to have played a role in many radical anti-China actions by Pompeo and the US government at that time. On almost all major China-related affairs such as Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Xizang, Yu willfully expressed his vicious views on the motherland. Since ancient times, all those who have betrayed the country and the nation have met a tragic end. Yu's can't be any better.

Yu claims on his social media account that China's sanctions are a "badge of honor." This is not only an extremely old-fashioned statement by a shameless person, but also a form of stubbornness. Yu personally has no way to turn back, and can only go on to the dark end. With his value to the Americans rapidly shrinking, it will be a matter of time before he is completely abandoned.

Yu went abroad in 1985. He knew nothing about China's magnificent reform and opening-up and the historic achievements and changes of the new era, but his ideological prejudice and blind worship of the West became deep-rooted. Such a villainous advisor was regarded as a guest of honor by the previous US administration. It was no wonder that Washington's China policy was steered into the wrong direction. No matter how badly Yu harbors subjective malice toward China and how urgently he feels the need to bow to the US, objectively speaking, Yu has "strategically" fooled the US. When the Americans discover this, his situation will become even more embarrassing.

This time, China's reciprocal sanctions against the US may be of greater symbolic significance. This is also very important. Some people have said that the sanction against Yu flatters him, and he might use this to seek fame. With Yu's character, there is indeed such a possibility. But in the face of China's dignified diplomacy, the ultimate effect of such despicable hype can only be counterproductive.