Chinese police vows to crack down on hostile forces, safeguard public security during upcoming festivals
Published: Dec 29, 2022 12:59 AM
A special police is on guard in Beijing, capital of China, January 10, 2021. Photo: Xinhua

A special police is on guard in Beijing, capital of China, January 10, 2021. Photo: Xinhua

China's Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday vowed to implement security measures to crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces, and ensure people have a safe and stable environment during the upcoming new year holidays.

The ministry demanded the adherence to pursue a holistic approach to national security, and take strict precautions against and crack down on all kinds of infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces, as well as strictly implement anti-terrorism and anti-secession measures and resolutely safeguard China's political security, according to the notice released by the ministry on Wednesday.

The ministry has also encouraged officials to effectively resolve disputes at the grass-roots level. The ministry called on a special campaign to solve problems caused by wage arrears for rural migrant workers, cracking down on all kinds of illegal activities such as malicious arrear in accordance with the law, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural migrant workers.

The ministry also calls on implementing the decisions on optimizing and improving epidemic prevention and control measures by the central government, adhere to the principle of putting people first and life first.

Chinese police should also make scientific adjustment and implement security measures based on the optimized epidemic prevention and control measures, to promptly guard against and resolve various security risks to ensure smooth and stable social order, said the ministry's notice.

The ministry also called on the police to pay more attention to risks in the economic and financial sectors to prevent and reduce relevant risks involving social stability.

Chinese police should resolutely curb the occurrence of illegal crimes, and punish the acts that endanger medical order, and use epidemic prevention and control as excuses to raise prices and hoard goods, according to the notice.

The police should strengthen patrol in key areas or regions with crowded people such as bustling commercial districts, schools, hospitals and tourist attractions, and effectively increase the rate of police presence and solving problems to make sure sustained social security.

China's Spring Festival travel rush, which will run from January 7 to February 15 in 2023, is usually a period with relatively large transportation demand as residents will return to their hometowns to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival.

Facing the upcoming new year holidays, Chinese police should strengthen security precautions on transportation including railways, civil aviation, subways, buses and long-distance passenger transport, to ensure smooth logistics and passenger transport, and prevent major road traffic accidents and long-term and long-distance road traffic jams.

Chinese police should always be adhered to strict, standardized, and civilized law enforcement and a scientific deployment of police officers is also required. The ministry called on more care for the grass-roots front-line police officers and visited those families who have sacrificed their lives or wounded on duty.

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