International charity sale opening ceremony held in Beijing
Published: Jan 19, 2023 12:38 AM
Foreign Minister Qin Gang participates in the opening of the 14th

Foreign Minister Qin Gang participates in the opening of the 14th "Love Knows No Borders" international charity sale via video link in Beijing on Jan 17, 2023. Photo: Courtesy of

The annual international charity sale was held in Beijing on Tuesday and it was attended by senior Chinese diplomats including Foreign Minister Qin Gang, staff from more than 120 foreign embassies in China and members of international organizations in China.

This year's event is titled as the 14th "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale. The annual events have made donations to help people in poverty-stricken areas who had no access to healthcare, education or basic infrastructure.

"The charity sale is designed to spread love and usher in a better future. More importantly, it aims to pass on and carry forward the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance - a spirit that transcends borders," noted Qin.

He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese and foreign friends who have supported, participated in and cared about the activity on behalf of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The diplomatic assistance work has supported the dreams of countless children and given families new hope, he added.

"The Communist Party of China adheres to people-centered development, guarantees and improves people's livelihoods, and strives to turn people's yearning for a better life into reality. Getting rid of poverty is only our first step, and better days are to come," Qin said at the opening ceremony.

Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, the United Arab Emirates' ambassador to China noted that China has achieved phenomenal success in poverty alleviation, and has attained extraordinary results in transforming the livelihoods of its people.

"I have no doubt that China's rural vitalization drive will proceed with impressive speed and yield transformational results."

Akram Zeynalli, Azerbaijan's Ambassador to China, noted that "China now is leading a path, which is a good example for other countries to follow, to fight poverty among our communities."

This year's theme of "Warm Road to Growth" focuses on helping rural children.
The plan will use the donations to build and renovate hot bath facilities for nearly 100 primary and secondary schools in Jinping County and Malipo County, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, allowing nearly 20,000 children in the two counties to have proper bathing facilities.

At the opening ceremony, guests witnessed the launch of the charity sale, where 58,000 items were on sale. 

A special web page named Shuxiang Treasure Flagship Store has been set up on Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao, which will last until February 8.

Since 2009, the "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale has been successfully held for 13 consecutive sessions, focusing on serving poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, as well as implementing multiple assistance projects involving infrastructure, healthcare, medical care and child care.

In the previous charity sales, the diplomats would carefully select the most distinctive items of their home country to participate in the charity sale, allowing Chinese visitors to embrace the best of many cultures and to be part of a community with a shared future for humanity.