China’s top cyberspace regulator to crack down on unscrupulous online influencers
Published: Jan 19, 2023 10:37 AM
Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

China's top cyberspace regulator launched a rectification campaign targeting the network environment on Wednesday and vowed to crack down on unscrupulous online influencers including those who show off their experience in jail and glorify prison life. 

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, the campaign running through the end of February will continue to consolidate the achievements made in the rectification of "fan circles" to maintain a sound ecology for culture and entertainment on the internet. 

The campaign will also focus on the rectification of all kinds of problems of unscrupulous "online influencers" and seriously deal with problematic celebrity vloggers who hype up bad deeds, including those who show off their experiences in jail and glorify the prison life. 

Strict management will be posed on those who wear revealing clothes and make seductive actions to create a publicity stunt, profiting from advertisements or selling products. 

The authorities will pay close attention to the information posted online during the Spring Festival Gala or when films and TV series are released during the holidays, and rectify those who take the opportunity to provoke fan groups to fray and attack against each other. 

The cyberspace regulator will also seriously investigate and punish those who show off their wealth on the internet, promote overeating or extravagance, to avoid the spreading of unhealthy values. 

Meanwhile, the authorities will also concentrate on the investigation into illegal activities of organizing and implementing online gambling and fraud. 

The regulator will continue to clear up posts and videos that promote and hype up feudal superstitions and bad practices, and deal with those who provide illegal fortune-telling services as well. 

Meanwhile, the cyberspace regulator will crack down on cyberbullying, internet addiction and other issues related to adolescents to strengthen protection on the minors. 

Spreading pornographic, vulgar, bloody and violent information to minors via children's smart devices, online games, livestreaming of games will be strictly banned. 

The authorities will also crack down on false information and other problems to prevent negative emotions from being exaggerated.

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