China lodges solemn representation to US embassy over shooting down of civilian airship
Published: Feb 06, 2023 11:45 AM



Representing the Chinese government, China's Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng lodged a solemn representation on Sunday to the US Embassy in China over the US' attacking a Chinese civilian unmanned airship by force. 

Xie stressed the unintentional entry of Chinese civilian airship to the US airspace was an unexpected accident caused by force majeure. The fact is clear and should not be distorted. However, the US, regardless of the facts, abused military force and shot down the civilian airship that was about to exit US airspace, representing an overreaction and severely violating the spirit of international law and norms.

What the US did severely impacted and endangered the efforts and process for the two sides to stabilize bilateral relations since the meeting in Bali. China is firmly opposed to and strongly protested US' actions. China urged the US not to take further moves that violate China's interests, or to escalate the fraught situation, Xie said. 

The Chinese government is closely watching developments, and will firmly defend justified interests of Chinese companies and safeguard China's interests and dignity. China reserves the right to take further necessary action, the Vice Foreign Minister added.