Health condition of giant panda Ya Ya sparks concern among netizens around the world
Published: Feb 28, 2023 01:48 PM
Giant panda Ya Ya is at the the Memphis Zoo in the US on February 14. Photo: IC

Giant panda Ya Ya is at the the Memphis Zoo in the US on February 14. Photo: IC

After a video taken on Monday by netizens in the US showing the living condition of giant panda Ya Ya at the Memphis Zoo in the US has not been improved, netizens from all over the world are concerned about the giant panda's health, calling relative departments to bring her home to China.

In the video, the bamboo provided by the zoo looked difficult for Ya Ya to swallow, and the skinny panda is forced to beg for food from visitors. Netizens are concerned about Ya Ya's thin physique and dirty living conditions. 

"It is a national treasure for Chinese people, but it cannot even eat enough food, I really don't know what the zoo is thinking," a netizen commented.

Entries such as "Ya Ya continues to beg for food" and "what can we do for the national treasure to return home" continue to be top searches on Sina Weibo, Chinese Twitter-like social media platform.

Starting from Monday, internet users volunteered to buy a screen in New York's Times Square to show a video of Ya Ya, praying for her good luck.

One local woman held up a banner in Times Square, voicing support for her return home, "I really support the release of Ya Ya. Ya Ya is suffering, Ya Ya wants to go home."

In April of 2003, Ya Ya from Beijing Zoo and Le Le from Shanghai Zoo arrived at the Memphis Zoo in the US state of Tennessee as a part of a joint conservation and research project between the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens and the US zoo with an agreement duration of 10 years which was extended by 10 more years in 2013. Earlier in February, giant panda Le Le, Ya Ya's male partner, died at the zoo at the age of 25, triggering global outcry over the suspected lack of proper care for the giant pandas in the zoo.

China and the US are actively coordinating and handling relevant procedures to try to bring Ya Ya back to China at an early date. China has issued import licenses and quarantine permits, identified quarantine sites and made relevant preparations for the return of Ya Ya.