US hypes ‘China nuclear threat’ as excuse for own expansion, military hegemony: Chinese FM
Published: Mar 03, 2023 08:39 PM
Mao Ning Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mao Ning Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The US has repeatedly hyped "China nuclear threat" as an excuse for its own expansion of nuclear arsenals to maintain military hegemony, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a regular press conference on Friday.

Mao's remarks were made in response to the White House Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall's remarks on that the US needs to engage with China to "diminish existing nuclear threats and to find ways to invite Beijing to make meaningful contributions as its arsenal continues to grow," according to media reports.

China has always taken very prudent and responsible attitude in its nuclear policy, which is first and foremost a defensive policy, solemnly committed to no first use of nuclear weapons at any time and insists to keep the nuclear power the lowest-level for national security, said Mao.

China has also strictly fulfilled obligation on nuclear non-proliferation, holds on a nuclear security principle of rationality and coordination. It also actively promotes peaceful use of nuclear energy to make it serve for the benefits of the humans. China has attached high importance on the international cooperation of peaceful use of nuclear energy and has made significant contribution to maintain the security of nuclear facilities and decrease the risk of nuclear proliferation, Mao said.

The US, as the most powerful nuclear armed power, should take a responsible nuclear policy. However, it has promoted nuclear power, strengthened nuclear weapons in its national policies, promoted military allies and drawn small circles with Cold War mentality by boosting nuclear deterrence and nuclear submarine cooperation, said Mao.

The US is the biggest nuclear threat for the world. It should make a thorough reflection on its nuclear policy, abide by the responsibilities in nuclear disarmament, make concrete actions to decrease nuclear risk and take the responsibility in defending the regional and global peace and strategic stability, said Mao.

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