Culture Beat: ‘Jin Rilong: Inner Voice in the Universe’ comes to Beijing
Published: Mar 13, 2023 12:06 AM
Promotional material for the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of One Art Museum

Promotional material for the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of One Art Museum

'Jin Rilong: Inner Voice in the Universe' comes to Beijing

A new exhibition featuring paintings from renowned artist Jin Rilong has kicked off at Beijing's One Art Museum. The Jin Rilong: Inner Voice in the Universe exhibition, which runs until March 28, resents 50 representative paintings to form a timeline of the artist's decades-long career.

The first floor of the museum's space presents Jin's creations from before 2018, while the second floor focuses on his works from 2019 to the recent past.

As an artist who experienced the country's reform and opening-up, Jin integrates the changes in society and concepts in his art, but what remains consistent is the spirit of traditional Chinese culture in the larger context of Eastern culture. 

The exhibition aims to present the different aspects of Jin's art career at different stages, allowing visitors to experience the artist's richly layered spiritual world.

'The Journey of a ­Legendary Landscape Painting' to start tour

A poetry dance drama funded by the 2022 National Arts Foundation, The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting, will be performed from March 16 to 23 at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center's Grand Theater. Co-directed by Zhou Liya and Han Zhen, the drama was inspired by the famous ancient painting A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains. The stage recreates the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), interpreting the stillness and movement of the millennium and providing an immersive "painting" experience for audiences. The dance show has been received so well that tickets to each performance are hard to get.