Honduras not to be the last to 'sever diplomatic ties' with Taiwan island: Global Times editorial
Published: Mar 27, 2023 12:42 AM
National flags of China, Honduras  Photo: CFP

National flags of China, Honduras Photo: CFP

Honduras on Sunday signed a joint communiqué with Beijing on the establishment of diplomatic relations shortly after it announced to sever so-called "diplomatic" relations with the Taiwan island. This is the ninth so-called ally that Taiwan authorities have lost at a rapid pace since the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Tsing Ing-wen authorities came to power in 2016. This once again demonstrates that the international community's recognition and consensus on the one-China principle have been increasingly deepened and consolidated, which is the common aspiration of the people and the trend of the times.

Latin America used to be one of the regions where the Taiwan authorities' "diplomatic allies" were concentrated. In recent years, Taiwan's "diplomatic allies" in this region have one after another chosen to establish diplomatic relations with the mainland, forming a strong transmission effect. As an important regional country, Honduras' choice to "sever diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan authorities and establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese mainland is significant both regionally and internationally. This means that after Nicaragua broke off diplomatic ties with the island of Taiwan in December 2021, Taiwan has lost another ally, and it has been left with only 13 "diplomatic allies" across the world.

No matter how anxious the DPP authorities are, and no matter how many times Washington sends officials to coerce and lure, it always ends up with Taiwan's "diplomats" packing up and leaving, often in a very embarrassing manner. This is not only a shame for the DPP authorities, but also a manifestation of the increasing loss of support and popularity of Taiwan secessionist forces in the international community. It's also an ironclad proof that "Taiwan independence" is a dead end and cannot have a way out. It can be expected that in the face of the trend of history, if the Taiwan secessionist forces do not stop, the island will face a bigger wave of severing "diplomatic ties."

Most countries generally hope to have good relations with China, which is a natural result of China's development benefiting the world. In recent years, China has successively established or resumed diplomatic relations with countries such as Panama, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua in Latin America, actively promoting bilateral practical cooperation, and bringing tangible benefits to the peoples of relevant countries. As the Honduran foreign minister said, "The world has been moving in this direction... Honduras' foreign policy should seek to benefit the people. We believe that this step will benefit the country." Honduras' neighboring country El Salvador established diplomatic relations with China five years ago. Since then, El Salvador has seen significant improvements in terms of combating the COVID-19 pandemic and social and economic development. The Salvadoran ambassador to China spoke highly of China's cultural characteristics, political philosophy and values.

The DPP authorities are furious about Honduras' decision. This is not surprising. On Sunday, they accused Honduras of asking for money from the Taiwan island and falsely claimed that the mainland had been "luring" Honduras. This can only be understood as a move of venting their anger through "throwing mud at others." Because Taiwan has always been engaging in "dollar diplomacy," it thinks the mainland is doing the same. The DPP authorities have tried to distract the world's attention while deflecting some internal pressure with such a narrative, but this only exposes its own sordidness. Unlike the Taiwan authorities, we place Latin America in an important position in the construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative," and promote the various countries' own development through equal and mutual beneficial cooperation. Latin American countries are well aware of this. The mainland's comprehensive influence cannot be changed by any means or slanders of the Taiwan authorities.

According to reports, the US exerted diplomatic pressure on Honduras when the latter signaled its intention to establish diplomatic relations with China, with an attempt to "reverse" and "prevent" Honduras' decision. It needs to be noted that it's an independent act of a sovereign country to choose with whom it would establish diplomatic relations, and Washington and the Taiwan authorities have no right to intervene. Some countries choose to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese mainland independently because they see the positive effects on their economic and social development that the decision will bring and believe it is also beneficial for enhancing their political status and image in the region and international politics. Whether Washington and the DPP authorities "throw mud at" or try to "morally abduct" others, they are merely attempting to "salvage their dignity" and cannot cover up their political decline.

Now, the DPP authorities are tightly latching onto the US, touted seeking courtship with several foreign legislators as "achievements" and showed off the petty trick of "transiting" through US as "diplomatic accomplishments." These soap bubbles that could easily burst cannot cover up the botched situation of the island's governance, nor will they boost the momentum of "Taiwan independence." Instead, they will only accelerate the historical wheel of reunification of the motherland. The sleepwalking of "Taiwan independence" is coming to an end.