China to enhance crackdown on self-media disorder, paid internet trolls, undue attacks on private enterprises
Published: Mar 28, 2023 08:42 PM
cyberspace Photo:VCG

cyberspace Photo:VCG


Having removed more than 54 million items of illegal information, 6.8 million illegal accounts, 2,890 Apps and 260,000 group chats in 2022, China's top cyberspace authority said it would continue to land a "hard punch" against nine outstanding cyberspace issues, including self-media disorder, information manipulation of paid internet trolls, and undue attacks against private enterprises.

A series of special campaigns to clean up cyberspace will continue in 2023 to rectify the cyberspace problems which have harmed the experience of Chinese netizens, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said at a press conference on Tuesday.

In 2021, the CAC launched a special campaign named "Operation Qinglang" (meaning "Clear and Bright") to create a healthier internet ecosystem in China. A total of 15 special actions were taken during 2021's campaign with 13 actions completed in 2022.

While actions in 2021 targeted unhealthy and excessive online fandom culture, 2022 actions focused on illegal livestreaming and short video platforms, with the CAC citing self-media disorder and paid internet trolls manipulation.

To crack down on speculative rumor-mongering, counterfeiting and illegal profit-seeking activities, the CAC will require platforms to set up stricter and more detailed regulations governing registration, operation and closure of self-media accounts, especially those publishing medical, judicial and education information.

The cyberspace regulator vowed full clearance of illegal messages released by paid internet trolls, including blocking water army recruitment channels, and shutting down tasks-dispatching and payment-making platforms.

Following a flood of fake news, which inflicted economic losses to private enterprises and reputation damage to entrepreneurs from time to time, the CAC said the central government is paying close attention to the issue, vowing to strictly crack down on fake news and infringement information targeted at private companies and their owners.

The Chinese internet watchdog will also launch targeted activities on rectifying contents in short videos and on platforms providing daily life services, as well as messages conveyed to teenagers during the upcoming summer vacation.