China's cybersecurity review of US-based chip firm Micron normal measure: FM
Published: Apr 03, 2023 09:18 PM
Micron Photo: VCG

Micron Photo: VCG

It is a normal regulatory measure for the relevant Chinese departments to conduct cybersecurity reviews of network products that affect or may affect national security in accordance with the law, Mao Ning, a spokesperson of China's Foreign Ministry, told a press conference on Monday.

Mao made the remarks in response to a recent review conducted by the country's cyberspace authority of products sold in the Chinese market by US-based memory chip producer Micron.

Mao said that for all enterprises, whether they are from China, the US or elsewhere, the first thing to do in China is to comply with the laws and regulations. "As long as these firms can operate legally, there is nothing to worry about," Mao noted.

On March 31, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced a cybersecurity review of Micron's products sold in China. 

According to the announcement, the review is in accordance with China's national security law, cybersecurity law, and cybersecurity review measures, aiming to protect the security of the supply chain of critical information infrastructure and ward off cybersecurity risks caused by product problems, in a bid to maintain national security.

Amid increasing US sanctions and escalating technology "decoupling," national security is still the main path of China's overall development. Supply chain security and digital security are inevitable requirements for a digital China, and strengthening digital security including cybersecurity has become the key, experts noted.

China has promulgated more than 140 laws on cyberspace, forming a cyber legislation framework with the Constitution as its foundation.

This framework is supported by laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, local regulations and local administrative rules. It is also endorsed by traditional legislation and underpinned by specialized cyber laws governing online content and management, cybersecurity, information technology and other elements, according to a white paper on the cyberspace rule of law released on March 16.

In February, the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, China's cabinet, unveiled guidelines for digital development in the world's second-largest economy, calling for building a credible and manageable digital security apparatus to maintain network security through improving the system of network security laws, regulations and policies.

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