Attempting to whitewash Dalai Lama, Australian media satirizes itself
Published: Apr 19, 2023 09:50 PM
Photo: Screenshot

Photo: Screenshot

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Tuesday published a Chinese language article that aimed to defend the 14th Dalai Lama by citing the words of Dalai's followers among the Tibetan community in Australia. The article specifically targeted three videos viral on social media in the Chinese mainland, even mentioning my name, as if these videos were made up by Chinese people, including me, and were being promoted globally on the internet. Their approach of making such arguments, which avoids the important and dwells on the trivial, is both infuriating and absurd.

The article begins by whitewashing the video of the Dalai Lama asking a young boy to "suck his tongue." His followers repeatedly underlined the Tibetan tradition of sticking out one's tongue as a gesture to show goodwill, arguing that the Dalai is "misunderstood." However, none of them is emboldened to explain the difference between sticking out one's tongue and asking a young boy to suck his tongue. They intend to turn the Dalai's request for a young boy to "suck his tongue" into the Dalai "sticking out his tongue" to the boy. The problem is, can they successfully mislead the readers? The eyes of people around the world are bright and they are not deaf. 

Many Westerners and children's rights organizations have condemned the Dalai's notorious conduct and many Western media outlets have also questioned his moves. Can they really be mobilized and manipulated by people like me? Please note that the Chinese government has not yet participated in criticizing the Dalai's misconduct this time.

The second video shows the Dalai repeatedly touching a 13-year-old British girl with a bionic arm at an event. The part the Dalai repeatedly touched is the girl's real, bare upper arm, instead of the mechanical prosthetic arm. Those who defend him even said that the Dalai feels sorry for the girl and treats her like a doctor, giving her religious comfort. That event was not free medical treatment, but a demonstration of technological power to show how amazing the girl's bionic arm is. Is repeatedly touching the bare upper arm of a 13-year-old girl really a treatment? Is it necessary for the Dalai Lama to "treat" her by repeatedly touching? This kind of denial is too weak!

The third video demonstrates the Dalai repeatedly touching the exposed leg of American singer Lady Gaga, who was wearing ripped jeans at an event. The Dalai's move at that time was truly despicable, which will be hard to defend. The ABC article merely says that the Dalai's followers are urging people not to view the move from a "pornographic" perspective, and quotes a sentence of his Tibetan "government-in-exile:" "His Holiness often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way."

In 2009, the Dalai gave a khata to a cult leader who often sexually exploited female followers. The cult leader was later sentenced to 120 years in prison. Did the Dalai catch something contagious from him?

I don't know if ABC is engaging in skillful sarcasm against the Dalai. But by putting these three videos together, it's obvious that the Dalai is a shameless old rogue and sexual deviant. Can anyone make any convincing argument to defend him? Can these videos be washed away? In my opinion, the only choice for the Dalai group is to stay quiet, endure the criticism of the world, and get through it. They have shamelessly come out and defended themselves, as if Dalai Lama's doing these dirty things show his so-called "compassion" more than not doing them. They are shameless and insane, but I'm sorry, the world is sober and won't go crazy with them.

The author is a commentator with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn