Art show in Beijing features French creator’s world tour experience
Published: Apr 24, 2023 11:27 PM
Marie de Villepin Photo: Courtesy of Today Art Museum

Marie de Villepin Photo: Courtesy of Today Art Museum

Behind the Sun, the largest solo show for French artist Marie de Villepin, has kicked off at the Today Art Museum in Beijing. 

The show displays nearly 100 artworks by Villepin, from sketches to paintings. These works reveal the inspiration the art creator attained while traveling the world. 

Born in the US, Villepin has lived in countries such as India, France and China. Her life merges both Western and Asian experiences, allowing the artist to put the delicate sentiments from Asian culture and the passion praised in Western culture on one canvas. 

The highlight of the exhibition is her latest painting Things behind the Sun. The abstract painting blends colors together to show how the artist has experimented with connecting color to human emotion. 

Music has also been a major source of inspiration for the artist. "Music is so important that even painting is a continuation of it," Villepin said, adding that the "canvas is the sheet of music and the colors are different notes on the sheet." 

The exhibition, organized by the Today Art Museum, is scheduled to end on June 13.