Beijing implements investigations and measures to improve workplace safety and fire risk detection ahead of May Day holidays
Published: Apr 26, 2023 11:32 PM
The photo taken on April 26, 2023 shows visitors to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Photo: VCG

The photo taken on April 26, 2023 shows visitors to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Photo: VCG

Beijing authorities have deployed comprehensive investigations and rectifications to ensure safe production and detect fire risks, following the recent hospital fire that claimed 29 lives and raised concerns. This action also comes as the May Day holidays approach, and the capital city prepares for large crowds of tourists.

Yin Li, secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Beijing Municipal Committee emphasized at a meeting held on Wednesday that security and stability are the prerequisite and foundation for the authorities' work in the capital and lessons should be learned from the fire accident happened on April 18.

The major fire accident caused by electric sparks during the modification at Beijing Changfeng Hospital on April 18 took at least 29 lives and injured 39. The accident sparked nationwide public concerns over security awareness. The Office of the Work Safety Commission under China's State Council and China's Ministry of Emergency Management have jointly ordered nationwide safety inspections to defuse the risk of major accidents during the coming May Day holidays.

Yin emphasized the need for a constant sense of crisis and responsibility among relevant personnel. They should conduct special investigations and rectifications to mitigate fire risks, eliminate all potential risks and hidden dangers at the source, and resolutely safeguard the safety of people's lives and property as well as the security and stability of the capital city.

It is urgent to resolutely curb the trend of frequent accidents and conduct thorough investigations and rectifications, said Yin, noting that it is better to coordinate development and safety from the perspective of the capital's status and tasks.

Yin called on all districts, departments, and units to remain vigilant and take immediate action to quickly adopt effective measures to crack down on various hidden safety hazards. These measures include regular screenings of densely populated venues such as hospitals and nursing homes, construction sites, as well as key industries involving the city's operation and businesses with new modes, especially during major holidays and key events.

Additionally, it is crucial to implement high-quality rectifications and establish a closed-loop mechanism to ensure that safety risks are immediately addressed. If any risks cannot be immediately rectified, the relevant departments should organize and study the situation to work out solutions, said Yin.

Yin also stressed normalized management with supervision and inspection system with strict law enforcement, the responsibilities of all parties involved and long-term systematic mechanisms to assure the safety of production and defuse the hidden fire risks.

Officials of all levels must instruct and participate in the work at the frontline and strengthen their sense of responsibility, said Yin, adding that there should be a strict 24-hour on-duty schedule with officials leading the work to be implemented during the May Day holidays.

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