Canada humiliates itself as China hits back with reciprocal countermeasures
Published: May 09, 2023 05:53 PM
China Canada Photo: VCG

China Canada Photo: VCG

Reciprocal countermeasures have been taken immediately. Despite China's opposition and clear warning, Canada announced on Monday that it would expel a Chinese diplomat from China's Toronto consulate-general. A few hours later, China fulfilled its warning, and declared a diplomat from Canada's consulate-general in Shanghai "persona non grata," a Latin phrase for an "unwelcome person," ordering her to leave the country before May 13. I support China's not only talking the talk, but walking the walk and taking resolute countermeasures.  

The Chinese diplomat expelled by Canada is surnamed Zhao. Canada accused him, groundlessly, of targeting an anti-China lawmaker critical of the Xinjiang issue and "interfering in Canada's internal affairs." After Canada made the above accusations, China repeatedly made it clear that our country never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries and denounced Canada's so-called "Chinese interference in Canadian internal affairs" as unfounded, naked slander and political manipulation based on clear ideological prejudice. China has made it clear that if Canada acts recklessly, China will hit back with resolute and powerful countermeasures. 

Expelling diplomats is a reckless action that is rarely used by countries, because retaliation through reciprocal expulsion is already a common diplomatic practice. Expelling diplomats is almost equivalent to a declaration of hostility toward the other party. Because an anti-China lawmaker claimed he and his family were threatened, Canada engaged in anti-China posturing and expelled a Chinese diplomat. This has demonstrated the arrogant nature of the country's political arena and ruling authorities who are willing to further damage China-Canada relations.

So be it. China's reciprocal countermeasures were implemented a few hours later. This attitude is also very clear-cut. China will not beg Canada to maintain normal relations, and we have no reason to please this American puppet state. If it wants to cause trouble, let it be. In 2018, Canada helped the US arrest Meng Wanzhou, an executive for Chinese tech giant Huawei, and it tasted the bitter fruit of deteriorating relations with China. This country should remember this hard lesson. 

Accusing China of interfering in Canada's internal affairs? Canada is really painting China in its own ugly image. The US and the Five Eyes Alliance countries are the vanguards of interfering in China's internal affairs when it comes to the Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many other issues. Their rude behavior in this regard is too numerous. Canada's attempt to put the label of interfering in others' internal affairs on China is an incredibly shameless show, staged to frame up China. I suspect that the double standards and sophistry of the Anglo-Saxon regime will lead the entire Western mindset into a ditch.

Let the expelled Canadian diplomat in Shanghai go back to Canada and tell the Canadian public about the stupidity of the Canadian Foreign Ministry. Give Canada a few more slaps in the face, and maybe it will make Ottawa feel a little bit of impact. Of course, if they are just a block of wood, we can't save them.

The author is a commentator with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn