Seven dead and 11 injured after a man kills over a relationship dispute
Published: May 14, 2023 01:40 PM
criminal Photo: VCG

criminal Photo: VCG

A man in North China's Shanxi Province killed three people and injured another following a relationship dispute, he fled in a car and knocked down one police officer and other 13 pedestrians. So far, the incident has resulted in seven deaths and 11 injuries, including several children, according to local authorities.

The local police reacted quickly activating a detection mechanism to fully carry out the investigation of the case. Local hospitals have received a total of 15 patients in this accident.

According to preliminary investigation, the 27-year-old male suspect surnamed Guo injured a 21-year-old woman surnamed Pei and killed three people including the woman's mother-in-law, husband and son following a domestic dispute.

Subsequently, Guo knocked down a total of 14 people including a police officer while fleeing in a white vehicle. Among the pedestrians who were hit, four were killed and 10 others were injured to varying degrees.

"The incident occurred in a bustling commercial district with a large flow of people," said a nearby shop owner who witnessed the incident, adding that there are some tutoring institutions in the vicinity, and many parents were picking up and dropping off their children on the street at that time. 

At present, the suspect has been arrested by the police, and the case is under further investigation. Local authorities have set up a special joint task force to conduct a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth.

The devastating incident, which went viral online, shocked netizens who demanded that the criminal be severely punished. 

"The passers-by who were hit are the most innocent, and it really makes people angry to lose their lives just because they went out at that time," a netizen commented under this news on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo.

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