Beijing university confirms five cases of Norovirus infection
Published: May 16, 2023 06:32 PM


Five cases of Norovirus infection have been confirmed at a Beijing university on Tuesday after several students reported gastrointestinal discomfort since dining at the university canteen.

Some students had reported gastrointestinal discomfort after dining at the university canteen on Monday. In response to the situation, the university has urged students and staff who experienced nausea and vomiting to seek medical attention and join the medical examination at the entrance of the university that day.

An investigation by the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and health authorities confirmed four students and one canteen worker tested positive for the virus, according to the latest notice released by the institute on Tuesday.

A series of other measures were taken to protect the health and safety of the students and staff, according to the university.

Public areas on the West Campus where the canteen is located have been thoroughly disinfected, and the canteen has suspended its services.

Instead, free meals will be provided by another canteen located at the main campus of the university.

Norovirus infections can occur throughout the year, and outbreaks are likely to happen in crowed places, such as schools and kindergartens, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Global Times