Reading journey teaches me about life
Between the pages
Published: May 18, 2023 10:39 PM
Editor's Note:

"Read ten thousand books, and your pen will be guided as if by the gods" is an ancient Chinese idiom that can be seen in students' textbooks. China's Ministry of Education has published an action plan to further promote reading among students across the nation. With new and diverse book recommendations, the reading scene is expected to be revived not only at schools, but also across society. 

To contribute to this endeavor, the Global Times launched "My Reading Life" essay contest for middle school students.

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Books have always been my dearest friends. I regard them as treasures that will keep me company forever.

I remember one particularly good reading experience. It was an ordinary afternoon. A swallow was darting effortlessly in the sky and the sun was shining mildly warm rays of light on the cold ground. I was sitting on a chair doing homework while having troubles with a math question. I started to get irritated and was about to quit, so I picked up a book to calm myself. 

It was an autobiography of Hellen Keller. I kept reading it till the end of the story. Comparing myself with her, I felt very ashamed. How difficult was it for a blind and deaf person to give presentations and establish charities for the disabled? But her will fought against reality.

She helped many people in similar situations as herself and she did not give up! But here I was quitting because of a math problem. I understand that having the courage to get through difficulties is essential in life and society. My math problem wasn't the only question that got answered that day. 

Books have helped me to move forward courageously and not dwell in the past. They also have allowed me to cope with bewildering moments. Reading books allows me to understand the principles of life. This is the reason I really started to love reading.

When I was in the third grade, I often went to the library and that was the place where I found my favorite novel. 

Going through the magnolia-white colonnades and bookshelves, my eyes were drawn to a crimson colored book cover with the title Pride and Prejudice. I wondered why the author named the book with two nouns. I turned to the first page and started to read. I carried it everywhere day and night after borrowing it from the library. The plot was slow at first but at the end, it was full of "ups and downs" and my heart flew with it. 

Pride and Prejudice is about the marriages of five sisters. They all have their own choices to make. What touched me the most is how Elizabeth's perspectives toward Mr. Darcy changed during the story. She thought Mr. Darcy was arrogant and nonchalant at first, but she found out he was kind and had a passionate heart. The main idea of the book is that girls should be brave when making their choices and believe in themselves.

Reading may widen our horizons and help us learn the value and meaning of things. Indeed, books are intimate friends that stay with us forever. I will eternally cherish them with my whole heart. 

The author is a student at Beijing 101 Middle School