Public security organs to establish lifelong responsibility system for handling cases, retroactive investigation for misjudged cases
Published: May 19, 2023 11:08 PM


China's Ministry of Public Security will establish a system in which public security officers will take lifelong responsibility for the quality of case handling and will face retroactive investigation for misjudged cases, in a bid to address prominent problems such as police inaction, disorderly conduct, profit-seeking and selective law enforcement.

The decision is part of the ministry's efforts to improve law enforcement and the credibility of the public security organs, to ensure that people feel fairness and justice in every case handling and every matter being dealt with, said Zhang Ming, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, on Friday.

Besides fully establishing the system for taking lifelong responsibility, Zhang also said that the ministry will improve the mechanism for identifying problems, such as case reviews and law enforcement in this regard.

The ministry will also intensify efforts to address prominent problems of law enforcement, including inaction, disorderly conduct, profit-seeking and selective law enforcement in order to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of law enforcement problems, Zhang noted.

A system of allocating "legal officers" to grassroots public security departments will be implemented to beef up quality management of case handling, Zhang noted.

The ministry will improve the recording mechanism of the whole process of law enforcement in a bid to realize whole-chain, closed-loop and traceable supervision and management, and consciously accept supervision from all aspects, the spokesperson said.

Global Times