Trends: Tangjin, unique Chinese element at the state banquet
Published: May 22, 2023 11:54 PM
Photo: Screenshot from online

Mune made of Tang Dynasty brocade Photo: Screenshot from online

During the milestone China-Central Asia Summit held in Xi'an last week, the very unique Chinese elements seen at the state banquet also caught many people's attention. Among them was Tangjin, a kind of silk brocade from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) that was used as the material for the menus at the banquet.

The ornamental motifs of Tang Dynasty brocade mostly featured symmetrical patterns, geometrical patterns, dispersed flower patterns and floral medallion designs. It is distinguished by polished techniques, floral hues, a variety of designs and graceful forms. 

In terms of patterns and lines, based on the inherited characteristics of brocade in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) it widely absorbed the merits of Central Asian and Indian brocade patterns, as well as those of ethnic minorities in China.

Among the brocade items discovered during that time period, those unearthed in the Tarim Basin and Turfan in Northwest China's Xinjiang are the highest in quality and quantity.

Notes of Chinese cuisine from Fuchsia Dunlop

Notes of Chinese cuisine from Fuchsia Dunlop

For years, English food writer Fuchsia Dunlop has been known in the literature world for her adventures in China in the world of Sichuan cuisine. The writer recently came back to China to promote her new book Collected Essays.

In an interview, she said that no matter if it is Chinese or Westerners, eating habits are something that is difficult to change. 

As a writer who has dedicated herself to being a "gourmet missionary," Dunlop believes that estrangement exists in people's hearts, not in their mouths. Trying new foods is not so difficult as long as you can break down the cultural barriers in your heart. 

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Aleksandar Jankovic  Photo: VCG

Aleksandar Jankovic Photo: VCG

Serbia's Aleksandar Jankovic, 50, has been named the new head coach of the Chinese men's national soccer team since February this year. He recently sat down for an interview with China's Soccer News, where he noted that Chinese soccer players should not be treated as outliers in this society. Even if their performance is not good enough yet, respect is necessary. 

He believes that a positive public opinion toward the team is needed, and it is a good thing that the management department of Chinese soccer has made timely strategic adjustments. As a matter of fact, compared with material rewards, Chinese soccer now can equally promote moral support and identity and recognition of values from society as well.

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