Trends: Ticket scalping remains challenge for event organizers
Published: May 17, 2023 12:41 AM
Chinese band Mayday based on the island of Taiwan livestream a concert Photo: Courtesy of TME Live   A girl is jogging with a mask.    A waitress showcases the serving chopsticks in East China's Jiangsu Province.  A newly wedded couple showcase their marriage certificates. Photos: IC, VCG

Chinese band Mayday  Photo: Courtesy of TME Live

Ticket scalping remains a challenge for event organizers. Measures such as real-name ticketing and limited refund windows have been implemented to deter scalpers, but they can also inconvenience genuine attendees. 

A more balanced solution, drawing inspiration from the "12306 train ticketing system," could be adopted. 

This approach might involve implementing refund fees based on specific timeframes, discouraging scalping while still safeguarding consumer rights. 

By striking a middle ground, organizers can effectively combat scalping without disproportionately impacting innocent ticket holders. 

The long-standing issue of ticket scalping requires innovative and fair approaches tailored to each industry's needs.

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Chinese Super League giants Shandong Taishan named Choi Kang-hee of South Korea as the head coach on Tuesday.

The announcement came after former coach Hao Wei and South Korean player Son Jun-ho are reportedly being put under investigation. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin confirmed Tuesday that Son has been put in police custody in Northeast China's Liaoning Province while a bribery probe is conducted.

Facing a financial issue, the beleaguered four-time CSL champions are struggling in their 2023 season, as they have only won one match in seven games. 

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The term "assembly line princess" has sparked controversy recently, referring to a new trend in travel in which female tourists dress in local attire, wear similar makeup, and pose in the same way at historical or culturally significant sites. 

The process of capturing these photos is often streamlined, hence the association with an assembly line. 

This phenomenon stems from issues of service quality and the current demand surpassing supply.

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