Trends: Employers have no right to interfere with personal social media
Published: May 09, 2023 11:34 PM
WeChat TikTok Photo:VCG


A recent labor dispute in Chongqing has attracted widespread attention in China. A driver at a local hospital was fined 10,000 yuan ($1,400) and fired for not sharing a link to the hospital on his personal social media account. The court ruled that an individual's personal account is private and the hospital had no right to interfere. 

While many businesses encourage employees to share promotional content on social media, the court's ruling emphasizes that such requests cannot be forced on employees. According to current labor laws and administrative penalty regulations, employers are not allowed to make demands outside of the scope of the work contract.

Workers' Daily

A recent news report about a group of elderly tourists taking a "forced march" trip that saw them walk 40,000 steps a day has sparked concern. The main reasons for the amount of walking were the overly concentrated schedules arranged by the travel group and the lack of tourist buses allowed in city centers, which forced them to rely on public transportation. 

High-intensity physical activity poses challenges for elderly people's physical and mental well-being, and also carries safety risks. Travel should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience that broadens horizons, not a "test of limits" that puts safety and health at risk.  

Business Daily

The current supply structure of talent in the film and television technology industry is far from perfect. Graduates lack practical experience in basic positions, leading to insufficient understanding of the industry, while talent trained at short-term training institutions also lack comprehensive skills, which limit their long-term prospects. 

To improve the supply structure of film and television technology talent, it is necessary to promote the integration of industry and education and collaboration between schools and enterprises. This requires a broad curriculum, a solid foundation, and practical training to cultivate talent with high historical and cultural literacy, aesthetic ability, and rich practical experience.

Guangming Daily