China’s legislature to enhance law enforcement against 'deepfake' scam
Published: Jun 26, 2023 10:05 AM
AI Photo: VCG

AI Photo: VCG

As "deepfake" scam news fans worries among the Chinese public over the AI-driven fraud, the country's legislative bodies have vowed to strengthen governance and law enforcement against such fraud as using AI-powered face-swapping technology, according to China's top legislature.

China's Anti-Telecom and Online Fraud Law and Criminal Law have provided ample support for combating various types of telecoms and online fraud including the scam using AI-powered face-swapping technology, said Zang Tiewei, spokesperson for the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress (NPCSC), at a Sunday press briefing. 

Zang said the new AI-driven fraud is fundamentally no different from traditional fraudulent acts. Criminal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the Criminal Law against any acts constituting such crime.

Those providing technical support and assistance in using AI face-swapping shall get penalties based on the Anti-Telecom and Online Fraud Law, which was passed in September 2022 and has made provisions regarding the definition and methods of telecom fraud, as well as the responsibilities of government department and companies. 

Zang said the legislative bodies are also strengthening studies on legal issues related to AI to improve relevant legal systems. Zang also urged the public to be more cautious and make clear confirmation when requested to transfer money through telecom networks to others.

The official emphasis on cracking down on AI-driven fraud came after "deepfake" scam news aroused public attention. In May, police in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region revealed a case where the perpetrator convinced a man to transfer 4.3 million yuan ($622,000) to him by impersonating a friend of the victim with "deepfake" technology during a video call.