Yunnan restaurant gets boost from Yellen's patronage
Published: Jul 07, 2023 09:29 PM
Photo: Screenshot of Weibo account of Yizuoyiwang restaurant

Photo: Screenshot of Weibo account of Yizuoyiwang restaurant

"We received a larger number of inquiries about bookings. We are fully booked for Friday and Saturday," a member of staff at a popular Yunnan cuisine restaurant named Yizuoyiwang told the Global Times on Friday afternoon. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had her first meal in Beijing at the restaurant shortly after her arrival in Beijing on Thursday.

The owner of the restaurant shared pictures of Yellen and several other people enjoying a meal on Sina Weibo, saying that Yellen liked one of the mushroom dishes.

One of the pictures showed Yellen using chopsticks, and her chopstick skills appeared to have impressed many Chinese social media users.

Below the post, many net users said they also wanted to eat at the restaurant, and some firms have offered to invest or cooperate with the restaurant.

"She knows about Yunnan cuisine, and the dishes she ordered are all what I love," one net user posted.

A net user named Panpanmao said that Yellen didn't choose a private room and other people would pass them on the way to the washroom. "This shows that China is much safer than the US," another net user wrote.

Global Times