Nicaragua boosts bilateral tourism ties with China through destination promotion event in Beijing
Published: Jul 13, 2023 03:15 AM
The photo taken on December 15, 2021 shows the Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua. Photo: Xinhua

The photo taken on December 15, 2021 shows the Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua. Photo: Xinhua

A destination promotion event for Nicaragua kicked off in Beijing on Wednesday, marking an important exchange between China and Nicaragua since the two countries resumed diplomatic relations, and showcasing positive signs of bilateral cooperation in the tourism sector, according to China's CYTS Tours Holding Co.

During the event, Laureano Ortega Murillo, Advisor to the Nicaraguan President on Investment, Trade, and International Cooperation, as well as Coordinator for Cooperation with China, provided a comprehensive introduction to Nicaragua's abundant natural tourism resources, as stated in a statement by CYTS sent to the Global Times on Wednesday.

Laureano emphasized the brotherly friendship between the Nicaraguan and Chinese people. He said that tourism is one of the pillars of Nicaragua's economy and expressed the willingness to cooperate with China's tourism authorities to enhance bilateral communication, aiming to attract more tourists to his country.

The event, hosted by CYTS Tours Holding Co, was attended by approximately 50 government officials and enterprise representatives from China and Nicaragua. During the event, Nicaraguan officials addressed questions from Chinese tourism companies regarding aspects such as tourism product research and development, travel route design, and relevant visa requirements.

Nicaragua, a major country in Central America, is located near the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, boasting abundant tourism resources including lakes, active volcanoes, and diverse wildlife. In December 2021, China and Nicaragua resumed diplomatic relations.

Global Times